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Contemporary work environments present a unique challenge. Work practices are changing, client and staff expectations are evolving. A contemporary workspace succeeds if it fits the bespoke requirements of the end-user.

A successful work space needs to reflect the ethos of the organisation, cater for varied staff requirements, deliver efficient energy performance, enhance an organisation’s culture of operation, and, most importantly, be a joy to spend time in. The workplace or institutional facility houses large parts of an individual’s time and successful design solutions enhance productivity, staff retention and promote positive work-life balance.

A particular strength of our practice is in assisting organisations with the process of articulating what they want and need. Staff engagement and challenging preconceptions as to what might constitute the conventional idea of what a work or institutional space need be are areas in which we excel.

We work closely with our clients to develop their brief and project requirements and assist them in realising their vision for their new place of work or business.


Meitheal Design Partners work with many corporate and individual retail businesses to deliver successful retail experiences.

We have broad sectoral experience in this area, as well as being one of the preferred providers of architectural services for Musgraves Retail Partners Ireland. We provide the parent group and individual retailers with a full complement of design, planning and execution services. Our “self-perform” philosophy sits well with the demanding time pressures faced by retailers as we can deliver most aspects of the design, planning and management processes from in-house resources.

We have developed a reputation for strategic thinking and problem solving with the group which has seen us achieve positive planning results in locations which have been historically road-blocked with issues.

Often, a retail sector project involves a live operating environment. Our project management, health & safety, and contractor liaison professionals have strong experience in managing a live operating environment and in working with the stakeholders to ensure minimum disruption to client, customers, staff etc. Communication is a particular priority in these circumstances and our collaborative, inclusive work policy and culture promotes an atmosphere of openness and dialogue.