Our practice has developed a particular expertise in the restoration, refurbishment and re-use of historic buildings and is certified as a conservation accredited practice by the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. We have worked on buildings of local, regional and national importance and enjoy working with historic architecture on cultural landscapes in many locations around the country.

We endeavour to provide high quality building conservation services and have particular interest in the craft of traditional building techniques and methods.

As the state’s building stock matures, challenges present themselves in the care, re-use and repair of older buildings. As accredited conservation architects we understand how best to work with heritage structures.

Sample Clients

respecting heritage, conservation, history, MDP, architecture, architects, design strategy, meitheal

heritage, conservation, history, MDP, architecture, architects, design, strategy, meitheal

history, conservation, heritage, architects, design, strategy, meitheal, MDP